Aim of this section: This page is the central hub to defining your tricot experiment.

How-to: there are some parameters you need to set. This will be slightly different depending if you are working on a on-farm testing (OFT) or a consumer testing (CT). The only difference is that in CT projects the registration of participants and the data collection is done on the same moment, which means that you will need to prepare only one form with questions. However for OFT experiments two separate forms are needed: one to register participants into the experiment and another to collect the results of the experiments.

  1. the field agents that will work on this project
  2. the technology options that you want to compare
  3. the registration questions the participants will be asked when they join the project (participant registration form)
  4. comparison questions regarding the technologies that will be compared (data collection form)
  5. share project with other users

Once you defined these parameters, ClimMob has all the data it needs to compute which participant will receive which technology option to compare in a tricot trial.

Here you can track the process of your project definition.