Aim of this section: Here you add and manage the administrative questions that field agents will ask the participants during the registration at the start of the project. This information is important for administrative reasons (who is participating, where do they live etc.) and for data analysis (e.g. to understand if all female participants preferred a certain technology option). Once you defined the list of questions, they will become available through the ODK Collect app. Field agents can input the information directly into the app, when registering the participants.

How-to: Consider which information is important for your project.

  1. On the main menu, click on prepare participant registration form.
  2.  Drag the questions you would like to have from the section in the left (available questions from library) and drop them in the section in the middle (assessment form): you can have a preview of the questions you have selected on your right (preview), scroll down to see all of them!
  3. If the question you would like to ask is not in the database (library): click on add new question and create a new question under the section you think is relevant. The ClimMob library provides a list of the most common questions, which you can easily click on and add to the growers’ registration form.

Next step: Prepare data collection form

Video tutorials:

  • Learn in the following video how to prepare the participant registration form and setup the randomization for the ClimMob project.

  • Learn how to add new questions to the library