Aim of this section: To set up a profile for your tricot project.


  1. Click on add a new project and fill all fields, then click on the Create project button. You can always come back later if you want to update these project settings.

Fields to fill:

1) General information

  • Project code: Short, unique identifier of the project. For example, your initials and year of the project: JV19.
  • Project name: Unique and more descriptive name for the project. We recommend including the technology, the year or time, and the location, to distinguish the project from others, when you manage multiple projects. For example: Bean_Honduras_2019_season1
  • Description: Add more detail about the project.
  • Tags: To make your project searchable, enter up to X key words that define your project.  Examples: “bean”, “Honduras”.
  • Trial coordinator: Your full name, start with your first name, all names separated by a space. By default is already filled with your data. Change if the trial coordinator is someone else.
  • Email address: Your email address.

2) Size

  • Number of participants: Enter how many participants will join this project. For example: 200. If you don’t know the exact number yet, better choose a number too high than too low (but still reasonable, as otherwise ClimMob will do a lot of unnecessary computing later on).
  • Number of items each participant compares: By default, this is set to ‘3’ and cannot be changed. It’s a reminder that in a tricot project, every participant will receive 3 technology options to compare.
  • Name given to the 3 items that each participant compares: by default the names are “Option A, Option B and Option C” but the trial coordinator could decide to change them for something else that participants can relate to better, such as numbers, colors or shapes.

3) Geographic information

  • Select the country where the project will take place

4) Type of project

  • There are two options: on-farm testing and consumer or marketing testing.
  • Do you want to create your project from a template? select if applies to your project

Next step: project definition