Aim of this section: Once you have added all your data collection moments with their correspondent questions it is time to create the test packages through technology randomization.

How-to: The randomization is done automatically by the ClimMob software.

  1. On the main menu, right side of the screen, click on Generate packages with technology options and open the registration form of participants.
  2. Set combinations: here you can select whether you want to include all the technology options or not, and how many packages with that specific technology option will be generated. By default all the technology options are included and the same number of packages for all the options are generated. *Note that if you change the number of packages, having more or less of one technology you will need to balance it, adding or subtracting from another one, so you end up with the same number of total packages.
  3. Review packages and CONFIRM. If the list of packages is not confirmed you will lose it and you will need to do the randomization again.
  4. The randomization documents are now available in the downloads section.
    •  List of packages with QR for the registration form: This is the document you will need to prepare test packages
    • List with randomized trial packages: Excel document that shows you which combination of technology options is found on each package. This document can be very helpful while preparing the test packages. DO NOT EDIT!

Next step: prepare observation cards & prepare test packages

Video tutorials:

  • Setup the randomization for the ClimMob project

  • explanation of the generated documents after the randomization (downloads)