Aim of this section: Create your personal account on ClimMob. If you have already registered an account, you can log in straight away.


  1. Visit the ClimMob online software.
  2. On the left upper corner click on Login or register an account.
  3. If you already have an account enter your user name and password and click on Login (green button).
  4. If you don´t have an account click on Create an account (white button) which you will find under Login.
    1. Fill in all the requested fields:
      • Full name: your name and surname
      • email: your email
      • Organization: the organization you are working for, e.g. Alliance Bioversity – CIAT
      • Country: select your country from the drop-down menu
      • Sector: select the type of sector you are working for from the drop-down menu
      • User name: the name you will use to enter the ClimMob dashboard
      • Password: the password you will use to enter the ClimMob dashboard
      • Retype password: retype the password you have entered above
      • Finally click on register and your account will be set

Next step: navigate the main menu

Video tutorial:

  • Explanation on how to create your ClimMob account

Next step: 2. navigate the main menu