Useful documents

The observation card that is used by farmers to note their observations in the field. This example is from a project about common bean varieties in Guatemala. Editable filesĀ (.eps, .indd) are available on request, to create the observation card for any new project .

A poster inviting farmers to join a tricot experiment. Editable files available on request.

A guidebook on all steps of design and implementation of a tricot experiment was written in 2016. It is available in English and Spanish.

Academic articles

Van Etten et al. (2019) First experiences with a novel farmer citizen science approach: crowdsourcing participatory variety selection through on-farm triadic comparisons of technologies (tricot), Experimental Agriculture, 55 (S1), 275-296.

Van Etten et al. (2019) Crop variety management for climate adaptation supported by citizen science, PNAS, 116 (19), 4194-4199.

Steinke et al. (2017) The accuracy of farmer-generated data in an agricultural citizen science methodology, Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 37:32, 1-12.

Jacob van Etten introducing ClimMob (2018)